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THK stands for ” Toughness,” ” High Quality,” and ” Know-how.” We aim to contribute to the improvement of society and development of industry by focusing on these three principles in our technology development and product manufacturing processes. On this site, we will take the opportunity to introduce a variety of technologies and products that we have developed.
In 1971, THK was established in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, under its original, Toho Seiko Co., Ltd.

In 1972, THK became the first company in the world to develop a method of providing linear motion with rolling contact, and began to manufacture and selling the result, the Linear Motion (LM) Guide.

In 1977, THK’s Kofu Plant, the first full-scale LM Guide production plant, was established. This was THK’s first step in expanding production facilities.

Believing that “good technologies can be transferred across borders, and so can the satisfaction of the efficient manufacturing these technologies bring,” we decided to expand our overseas business. The 1981 founding of THK America Inc. in the United States and the founding of THK Europe in Germany the following year formed the basis of our international sales network’s expansion.
To meet increased market demands, we established the Gifu Plant in Japan in 1984. We also established the Mie Plant and the Yamaguchi Plant in Japan in 1985 for further increases of our manufacturing capacity

In 1996, THK developed “Caged Ball LM Guides”, which offer significantly increased performance over conventional products. As human and environment friendly products, Caged Ball LM Guides have the following outstanding features:

Long service life with reduced maintenance needs
Low noise emission and acoustics
Ultra-high-speed operation
Low dust emission
Very smooth operation

To meet increased demands from global markets, we established THK Manufacturing of America in the United States and, in 2000, THK Manufacturing of Europe in France. We have expanded globalization of the manufacturing capability to quickly respond to local needs.

Knowledge Centre
A rich resource for optimized rotating equipment performance and reliability
Over the past century, THK has developed a unique understanding of how machine components and industrial processes are interrelated. This knowledge is shared to help customers achieve their goals – whether to become more profitable, productive and/or sustainable.

The links below will take you to reference materials, industry benchmarks, interactive web apps, training and other useful tools created by THK technical experts. Apart from Media Library, the links will take you to pages available in English only.

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