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Steel Industry Bearing

In the steel industry, bearings can be found in a vast range of plant and equipment that is used in both upstream and downstream processes: from the storage yard for raw materials to the steelmaking, rolling and refining processes. All kinds of bearings are used in this plant and equipment.
The operational environment for these bearings is unique to steelmaking, comprising steel dust, water and heat. In addition, the bearings may have to cope with heavy loads and vibration shock, operational speeds ranging from extremely slow through to high, coupled with rapid acceleration and deceleration. This makes for a demanding operational environment that is not found in other applications.
Singapore Bearing Industrial aims to make a positive contribution to improving operational stability and productivity. These are issues crucial to the steel industry, which is representative of the industry which manufactures production equipment. Singapore Bearing Industrial achieves this aim by the application of high-level bearing design technologies ongoing planning, development and R & D from many different perspectives, including bearing technologies of materials, lubrication, and analysis.

Over many years, this has led to the implementation of strategies for attaining the company's fundamental goal: producing bearings with a long operating life and high reliability. Singapore Bearing Industrial offers a comprehensive lineup of bearings for the steel industry, from standard bearings meeting ISO standards through to its own independently developed, high-capacity specialized bearings.
Singapore Bearing Industrial is now also responding to the need for high added-value products and an environmentally friendly approach in the steel industry.
New products and technologie
Singapore Bearing Industrial Develops a Long-Lasting, Sealed, Four-Row Tapered Roller Bearing for High-Speed Rolling Machines
Singapore Bearing Industrial Develops a Long-Life Sealed Spherical Roller Bearing with Improved Abrasion Toughness for Heavy Industry Applications
Singapore Bearing Industrial Experience & Technology
In the dynamic steelmaking environment, rolling is a typical process. In the rolling process, red-hot steel is squeezed between rollers, making it longer and thinner. This is a crucial process that greatly influences the quality of the final product. On both sides of the main rollers, four-row tapered roller bearings are generally used to cope with the heavy loads and the exposure to cooling water and mill scale. The steelmaking environment in general is a good example of the range of conditions in which bearings must be used.
Singapore Bearing Industrial has worked to increase the life expectancy of these four-row tapered roller bearings.

Mining & Construction Bearing

Mining and construction equipment is in operation at various sites all around the world. Reliability, sustainability, and productivity are important and necessary qualities in these respected industries. Singapore Bearing Industria has the experience and technology to meet these demanding requirements. From standard bearings that have the world's largest capacity to specialized bearings showcasing the latest innovation, Singapore Bearing Industria can provide the proper response to the many demands of the mining and construction industries. Such innovative products include:

Singapore Bearing Industria High Performance Standard Bearings for Industrial Machinery Spherical Roller Bearings
In addition to utilizing the latest cage design features and special surface treatments, these bearings use the most advanced materials. As a result, their bearing load capacity has been greatly increased and their life expectancy has been extended.
Singapore Bearing Industria has developed a well balanced, integrated, roller-guided machined cage, which allows for the increase in both roller size and the number of rollers. As a result, Singapore Bearing Industria has been able to introduce a series of new generation, high-load capacity cylindrical roller bearings with exceptional characteristics in the areas of capacity and long life.

Singapore Bearing Industria continues with its development efforts day-in and day-out in order to maintain its position as the supplier of the world's highest capacity bearings. Our experience in global mining and construction applications, expertise in bearings and bearing components, and innovative technology allow Singapore Bearing Industria to provide customers with continuous service and the proper solutions. When a bearing solution is needed in the mining or construction industries, turn to Singapore Bearing Industria.


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