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At NTN, the service does not stop after the sale. To ensure our customers get the maximum service life out of their bearings, NTN provides after sales services and engineering support. 
NTN’s service engineers can help you reduce the cost of ownership of your machines: guarantee the service life of bearings by supporting you in the assembly, disassembly and lubrication maintenance performed correctly and within time limits while monitoring operations preservation of the surrounding parts of the bearings NTN Bearing Corporation of America was established in 1963 to support local sales of NTN bearings in the American market. 
NTN was now capable of manufacturing ball bearings, spherical, tapered, cylindrical, and needle roller bearings and automotive constant velocity joints. 
By the mid 1980s, NTN had acquired the Bower? brand from Federal-Mogul Corporation, thereby expanding the company’s catalogue of tapered and cylindrical roller bearings. Ten years later, NTN acquired BCA?, again from Federal-Mogul, to round out its product line with automotive clutch release bearings and specialty agricultural bearing assemblies. 
NTN’s success has continued into the new millennium with seven new North American plants. 
NTN SNR EUROPE designs, develops, manufactures and markets various ranges of bearings, rollers, linear guides, CV joints, coders, vehicle spare parts, maintenance products… and offers related services. We support the major players on a global scale and also provide distribution and aftermarket services.

List of bearings and other products

NTN provides a wide variety of products to suit the needs of customers, ranging from simple ball bearings through to bearing units, automotive products, precision machinery, condition monitoring systems, composite material products, and aftermarket and maintenance products.

Bearings and bearing products

Photo: Rolling bearings

Rolling bearings

Rolling bearings are bearings that support loads and function with the rolling motion that occurs between parts moving relative to one another.

Figure: Rolling bearings

Radial ball bearings

Thrust ball bearings

Radial roller bearings

Thrust roller bearings

Special application bearings

Linear motion bearings

Photo: Plummer blocks

Plummer blocks

Plummer blocks are assemblies consisting of spherical roller bearings or self-aligning ball bearings, and a housing with a bolt hole mounting seat parallel to the bearing center axis.

Photo: Bearing units

Bearing units

Bearing units are unit products with ball bearings mounted within housings.

Photo: Sliding bearings

Sliding bearings

Slide bearings are the name of bearings that allow relative movement of sliding friction shafts and surfaces. Sliding bearings include oil-impregnated sintered bearings and plastic sliding bearings, as well as Hydrodynamic Bearphite.

Precision machinery and parts

Photo: Constant velocity joints (CVJ)

Constant velocity joints (CVJ)

Constant velocity joints (CVJ) are parts of driveshafts that are used to transmit rotational movement, so that both the input shaft and output shaft are always rotating efficiently at a constant speed, regardless of their angle, ensuring that torque is transmitted smoothly.

Photo: Auto tensioners

Auto tensioners

An abbreviation of automatic tensioner, auto tensioners are devices that adjust and maintain the tension of the timing belt or timing chain in a vehicle engine. They play a vital role in extending the operating life of the belts or chains, and also help to reduce excess operating noise.

Photo: Clutches


Clutches are mechanical devices that control how rotational force is transmitted. They include one-way clutches that transmit force in one direction and run free in the opposite direction, two-way clutches that can be switched to transmit or run free in either direction, and torque diode TM that rotates the output shaft when the input shaft rotates.

Photo: Electric Motor and Actuator

Electric Motor and Actuator

The Electric Motor and Actuator is a module product that combines NTN’s core technologies of bearings and ball screw product technology with motor design technology and electrical control technology.

Photo: Sensor Related Products

Sensor Related Products

Sensor related products are machinery used on mechanisms that mainly detect information about the axis of rotation. Their role is to detect information about such as the speed, direction and angle of the axis of rotation and then control rotating bodies.

Photo: Linear motion products

Linear motion products

Linear modules are linear motion units which incorporate high-performance linear guide bearings into an aluminum frame, and move a work stage through motor drive. A linear guide is a type of linear guide bearing comprised of a guide rail, runner block and rolling element. In all cases, size selection and design can be done to suit the application and purpose, with sizes ranging from small to large, and options such as long stroke and heavy object transport.

Photo: Parts feeders

Parts feeders

Parts feeders are devices that automatically align a wide variety of work pieces such as mechanical parts, electronic parts, plastic parts, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food products, and feed them to automated machinery through chutes or other delivery systems.

Photo: EV System

EV System

EV systems cover motor, sensor and control technology for electric vehicles (EV). In-wheel Motor System and Two Motor On-board Drive System have been developed and proposed as drive systems, together with Electromechanical Brake System with Parking Brake for braking, and Rear-wheel Independent Steering System for steering.

Photo: Condition monitoring system (CMS)

Condition monitoring system (CMS)

The Condition Monitoring System (CMS) are devices used for monitoring devices remotely, and detecting and diagnosing failures by regularly acquiring data from mounted sensors covering characteristics such as vibrations, displacement and temperature.

Photo: Composite Material Products

Composite Material Products

Composite material products include sliding bearings and electronic and machine parts made of plastic (BEAREE), sintered metal (BEARPHITE) and magnetic material (NIKAMET), as well as elemental parts and products featuring a combination of these composite materials.

Aftermarket parts and maintenance

Photo: Aftermarket parts and maintenance

Aftermarket parts and maintenance

A range of support tools designed to allow customers to conduct inspection and maintenance of machinery safely and efficiently, including installation and removal of bearings, and measuring gaps.

Green Energy Products

Photo: NTN Green Power Station

NTN Green Power Station

A street light that can turn on LED lights using power generated by both solar power and wind power. The street light has a built-in storage battery that can store up to 5 days’ worth of power and the LED lights turn on during a power outage. A product that contributes to creating communities that are safe and disaster-resistant.

Photo: NTN Micro Hydro Turbine

NTN Micro Hydro Turbine

A compact hydro turbine that generates power using water flow. Can be easily installed in such as agricultural water channels. Generated power can be used as a private power supply for such as farmers and factories. A product that contributes to safe supply of energy and regional development as a locally produced and consumed energy source.

NTN Knowledge Centre 
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Over the past century, NTN has developed a unique understanding of how machine components and industrial processes are interrelated. This knowledge is shared to help customers achieve their goals – whether to become more profitable, productive and/or sustainable. 
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